Costa Rica Rovers

Not all those who wander are lost - J.R.R. Tolkien

New Concept

Costa Rica Nature Trails is a small company that has operated only through direct referrals. Our online presence is very recent (Feb 2018) and we are still working hard on our site (work in progress...). Please feel free to come back later, as we will be updating the site and facebook page with more information (pictures and videos!) of our tours. Thank you for your patience.

Warning! Costa Rica Nature Trails is not your usual cup of tea, click here to know more!

Thing we DO NOT do:

  • We stay clear from traditional mass tour destinations.
  • We do not do resort style vacation.
  • We try to stay clear from traveling by car or bus. 

Things we DO:

  • Non traditional destinations, meet real people, where they really live.
  • Ecologically designed tours so that we can do this forever!
  • Hiking, Biking, Canoeing, Motor boating as means of transportation.  Yes sometimes it might feel daunting!! and it is awesome!

If you still feel you are interested! By all means, read on!

A new concept in tourism!

COSTA RICA NATURE TRAILSĀ©, takes pride in the work and experience behind the tours we design. We try provide you with a broad and unique experience of Costa Rica.

Travel with the wrong company and you'll either spend your time at one location or waste it riding long hours on a car or a bus.

Fortunately Costa Rica Nature Trails solves this for you. Our thoughtfully crafted tours take advantage of geography while combining daily physical activities as means of transportation. From +9000ft to sea level, our routes are designed so that most of the ride is downhill with multiple daily strategic stops to rest and deepen your knowledge on Costa Rica's nature and culture. These week long adventures are packed with different activities so you can fully grasp the beauty of this country and its people. Our tours include all you need to go along, including expert guides, so you don't miss a thing!